TSL MPA1-MIX Dante Multi-Channel Audio Monitor

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MPA1-MIX: Specifically designed for use where operators need to create a custom mix from a variety of I/O or from an audio within a MADI stream. The MPA1-MIX Range would fit into a variety of positions within the production environment where operators need a dedicated custom mix.

The TSL MPA product family has been redesigned from the ground up centered around ease of use. The range offers solutions for established I/O - such as MADI and analog - while also embracing the industries move to Audio over IP workflows with Dante and Ravenna supported. The new products are available in two flavours: Solo -with the ability to listen to any channel- and Mix -with the ability to create a simple monitoring mix. The shallow unit depth of 100mm makes them ideal for the broadcast OB environment, whilst maintaining excellent sound quality. The built-in web server enables all units to be configured, monitored and controlled remotely via an intuitive web interface.


  • Flexible audio routing and connectivity options for IP-based protocols
  • Intuitive, yet comprehensive confidence monitoring
  • Powerful user features via built-in web server
  • Ease of use under demanding conditions
  • Flexible workflows meet the need of Broadcast, OB, production, etc.

Ease of Use
Real focus has given to create an intuitive yet comprehensive monitoring range.

Additional powerful user features accessible via the web server. Simple enough for any user not to get lost, yet flexible enough to meet specific and demanding workflows.

The MPA1 range is available in various I/O flavours - MADI, DANTE, RAVENNA and HYRDA2. As workflows migrate from Analogue to MADI or MADI to Audio over IP a transitional period where both standards are in use exists. To help with the transition our MADI units also boast eight analogue inputs and our DANTE, RAVENNA and HYDRA2 units also feature a MADI input.

Live View
Remotely view the status and control any of the networked MPA1 monitors. This allows for quick fault finding and adjustment.

The built in web-server is specifically designed to enable engineers remote configuration and monitoring of netowrked units.

UI Functionality can be fully configured from the web server, for example:

  • Audio group select can be limited or disabled
  • Rotary encoder function can be configured e.g press = MUTE OR press and hold = BALANCE

Audio channels can be manually set or naming received automatically from the router (MADI Version) or extracted from the network stream (Dante, Ravenna, Hydra2)

Mix & Solo
The pic n' mix nature of the product range means that any I/O is available in both Mix and Solo variants to suit your requirement.

Audio Quality You Expect From TSL
High quality, full range internal loud speakers.