AMP2-16V-M Audio with Video Monitor

AMP2-16V-M Audio with Video Monitor

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16 Channel Dual Input 3G/HD/SD-SDI Audio with Video Monitor 2RU. The World's finest Audio Monitor with expandable modular design. Includes 1 x 3G/HD/SD-SDI-V module

The leading choice of broadcasters worldwide, Wohler’s AMP2-16V could be the last audio monitor you will ever need.  The open architecture design, superb quality, upgradeability and ease of use is why broadcasters consistently choose the AMP2-16V Series monitors for their most demanding applications.

Since we invented the in-rack audio monitor, we have not stopped improving it – and the world’s best selling and most powerful monitor now offers an even broader set of critical audio management tools.  Monitor and analyze all of your audio and video feeds from one compact, convenient and easy to use workstation.  It’s the best we’ve ever designed and built.


  • Full 16 channels of simultaneous, mixed-format audio metering and management
  • Customize two large high resolution LCD screens to display application specific audio/video data
  • 32 presets enable complete reconfiguration of the entire unit with a single button press
  • Support for SMPTE2020 metadata handling, audio delay and loudness monitoring
  • Measure Audio Loudness using ITU-R BS.1770 or EBU R128 standards
  • Mix, sum and route program audio live without the need for separate audio console
  • Save and copy system presets to other units via Ethernet/Serial connection to PC


  • Monitor, mix, route and fully manage SDI embedded audio, AES, analog or even TOSLINK sources
  • Ability for re-embedded audio in SDI output
  • Dual LCD screens with auto-detecting 3G/HD/SD-SDI video
  • 16 Hot Keys enable one touch access to critical functions
  • Fully-customizable level meters including scale, color, range, thresholds, and more
  • Single screen view of 16 channel meters/clusters, phase indication, loudness, Dolby presence and hot key assignments
  • Menu lockout function and redundant power supplies for secure transmission chain operation (optional)
  • “Super-Pair” feature offers additional channel pair (17, 18) to monitor additional two intercom or PL intercom channels


  • 3G/HD/SD-SDI CARD: 16 channel 3G/HD/SD-SDI dual input Audio/Video module with 8 de-muxed AES output pairs from SDI  (PN 829024)
  • AES INPUT CARD:  8 Pair (16-channel) AES audio input module  (PN 829001)
  • AES OUTPUT CARD:  8 Pair (16-channel) AES audio output module  (PN 829002)
  • ANALOG I/O & TOSLINK CARD:  8-Channel analog inputs on DB-25; 8 channel analog outputs on DB-25. Also includes optical TOSLINK input  (PN 829021)
  • DOLBY DECODER CARD:  Field upgrade for non-Dolby  units. AMP2-16V models support 1 Dolby D/E/DD+ daughter card  (PN 829014)
  • DANTE INPUT CARD: Monitor up to 64-channel streams via 100 BaseT Ethernet port (PN 829090)
  • RAVENNA INPUT CARD: Monitor up to 256-channel Ravenna/AES67 streams via 100 BaseT Ethernet port (PN 829091)