Axus Pacific

Axus PacificAXUS Pacific Pty Ltd was launched in 2008 in order to serve the professional broadcast industry. AXUS was founded by Elio Deluca (former owner of Europa Australia Pty Ltd, later acquired by Wohler Technologies Inc.

At AXUS we provide a range of services for the broadcast industry.

Custom Hardware, Firmware & Software Design

We provide a variety of services including custom hardware design, prototyping and manufacturing. We provide the full service from PCB design, FPGA coding all the way through to mechanical hardware design, sourcing and manufacture.

Custom Card S/W & Firmware design for AXUS OSBP-04, Europa & Wohler HDCC cards. We are asked on occasions to customize code for these cards for specific client tasks.

We can also customize our code for the OSBP-04 cards if the client requires a specific function not currently on offer. 

Hardware & Software Maintenance, Europa & Wohler HDCC Product Range

We service a the range of Europa & Wohler Closed Captioning and Data insertion products, both euro-card and OG frame versions. These products are widely available in broadcast facilities throughout the world and while they are quite reliable may suffer the occasional failure. We maintain a wide range of spare parts and have a full range of tools at our disposal to service your investment.