VideoSys Broadcast

VideoSys BroadcastVideosys design and manufacture products for the Television, Film and A/V industries.

The core team have all worked as Broadcast Engineers on some of the worlds biggest shows over the years which now translates into our products and our working attitude. We have been onsite in the rain and cold (and sometimes sun and heat if we were lucky) and know what is needed out of the equipment and crew.

  • We design and build systems that are easy to set up and easy to use
  • We have worked with RF systems on virtually everything, boats, cars, helicopters, drones, people and even horses!
  • We offer bespoke system design and integration
  • Engineering consultation in all aspects of Broadcast
  • After years working in Live television, we know how important your deadlines are
Videosys is the UK distributor for Cobham Broadcast's range of transmitters, receivers and antennas. Cobham products are at the forefront of wireless communications. Videosys provides customers with both pre and post sales advice, accompanied with full technical backup and support.

The Videosys product range comprises Camera Control and RF over Fibre solutions which augment the Cobham product range. Our products address many operational shortcomings experienced through twenty years of onsite operation.

The Camera control system enables customers to utilise the camera manufacturers standard control panels (RCP's) to control four cameras over a single radio frequency operating between 403-474MHz. The fibre antenna extension solution allows the antennas to be placed up 1700m away and camera data to be sent back up the SMPTE cable, facilitating the need to rig only one cable.