Blackmagic GPU-Xpander Desktop 4 16ch 4 Slot NFR - Call Us

Blackmagic GPU-Xpander Desktop 4 16ch 4 Slot NFR - Call Us

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The XPDT-X16-4QF GPU-Xpander Desktop 4 with Quiet Fan from Cubix enables you to add slots to your watt and slot limited computer so you don't have to buy a new one. The GPU-Xpander Desktop 4 is a desktop computer expansion enclosure that connects to a host computer using a host interface controller which has one PCIe x16 HIC connected via one PCIe x16 cable to one MIB in GPU-Xpander Desktop 4. Install four single-wide GPUs with the quiet fan. GPU-Xpander Desktop 4 is an economical way to enhance the Input/output power of your computer.

GPU-Xpander Desktop 4 is a hardware-only solution that expands the input/output capability of your computer by adding slots, power and cooling. It can add two or four PCI Express slots to your computer.

  • Blazing fast graphics and calculations within minutes
  • An independent power supply and cooling fan to meet any expansion requirement
  • Quiet fan option for GPU-Xpander Desktop 4 units connected to Apple Mac Pro
  • Simple, quick installation with minimal impact per operator desktop
  • Each x16 cable and connector provide a 250 mating cycle duty cycle
  • Add four single-wide GPUs to a computer that does not have available slots and power
  • Add four GPUs without having to specify, purchase, install and configure new computers
  • Zero or minimal impact on operators' desktop screen configuration
  • Minimal impact on operators' desktop space
  • With the quiet fan option for use with Mac Pro, GPU-Xpander Desktop 4 runs as quietly as your Mac Pro
  • GPU-Manager is an application that provides management of graphics processing unit clusters in Cubix GPU-Xpander enclosures
  • The primary aims of GPU-Manager are asset management, health monitoring and technical support data of GPUs
  • Install the host adapter in each computer, connect it to GPU-Xpander and within minutes, your operators are back to work
  • Asset Management - GPU-Manager collects data from distributed GPU clusters into a central management console that lists the following:
  • All attached GPU-Xpander enclosures
    The GPUs within each GPU-Xpander enclosure
    GPU capabilities such as number of GPU cores, amount of RAM, etc.
    Operating system and software driver version numbers
  • Monitoring - GPU-Manager continuously monitors GPU clusters, and provides the following: Link status, number of lanes, and link speed for each enclosure Temperature, fan speed and GPU load characteristics for each GPU