Leader LVB440 IP Analyser

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The LVB440 IP packet monitoring device monitors multiple high-bitrate IP media traffic such as master control, line, production/news studio, etc., and demonstrates its power for quick troubleshooting and quality improvement.  It supports dual 40Gbps bitrates, ST2110 and ST2022-6 uncompressed and ST2110-22 (JPEG-XS) compression, and monitors streams from SD to 4K (UHD). Dual 60Gbps is supported by adding options. Packet analysis of uncompressed video and audio with microsecond precision.
By adding the JPEG-XS decoding option, you can evaluate video signals of streams compressed with ST2110-22 (JPEG-XS) using picture display, vector display, etc.
Using Widglets API – HTML5 video monitor, you can monitor video and audio of multiple IPs at the same time.  Up to 8 clients can simultaneously view the analysis data with a standard web browser, and it has been used for remote production from overseas at international sports competitions.  We provide real-time analytics solutions to broadcasters and network operators handling large volumes of streams, regardless of location.