Konvision KCM-3160W 31 inch 4K HD LCD monitor

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KCM-3160W,31inch 4K monitor,true 10Bit IPS LCD panel,with 4096x2160 ultra HD resolution.Supporting various professional broadcasting features such as waveform,vectorscope,false color etc.Built-in 4x3G/HD-SDI inputs and 4 outputs,4 split windows support multiple input formats makes KCM-3160W an ideal monitor for color grading and real-time quality control in 4K production workflow.

Product Highlight
  • 4096x2160 resolution,10Bit IPS LCD panel
  • 12Bit video processing
  • 3D LUT color calibrated
  • Compatible with Lightspace and Calman
  • Multiple color gamut:REC709/EBU/SMPTE-C/DCI-P3/USER
  • 4x3G/HD-SDI inputs, 4x3G/HD-SDI outputs
  • 4xDVI-D inputs and 4 outputs
  • 4K mode,Quad slip mode,FHD single picture mode
  • Waveform,Vectorscope
  • Picture Flip,Focus Assist
  • False Color,Zebra
  • Scan,Markers,Blue Only/Mono
  • Audio Meter
  • Dynamic UMD,TSL 3.1/4.0
  • Built-in DC in and AC in
  • Ethernet/GPI
  • RS422 in/out