Phabrix / Leader Electronics latest Products - IBC 2023

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  • demonstrated our brand new, next generation, hybrid IP/SDI portable waveform monitor, QxP
  • The LV5600/LV7600 ‘True Hybrid’ IP & SDI operation was enhanced with the addition of support for JPEG-XS (SMPTE ST2110-22)
  • We demonstrated Live Monitoring in the Cloud, with monitoring both CDI and NDI on AWS platform
  • We showed a complete IP T&M Solution – from reference generator to IP Analysis with the ZEN & Qx Series of rasterizers/waveform monitors, handheld Sx TAG, LVB440 IP Analyzer and...
  • All new LT4670 Synchronous SDI/IP Reference and Test Signal Generator - designed to ease the migration from SDI to IP
  • The advanced QxL 25G IP Rasterizer with SDI-STRESS toolset is the ideal tool for broadcast engineering, broadcast Equipment Manufacturer's R&D and Production Test departments
  • On-Set and Postproduction utilizing the same analysis tools continued to ensure our ‘Record it right 1st time’ and ‘Delivery it right 1st time’, philosophy was demonstrated with the ZEN Series of test and measurement products
  • The Sx Series of handheld instruments remain the must-have toolkit for broadcast and test engineers worldwide
  • The Rx 2K/3G/HD/SD Series of rasterizers are 'Back in the Game' now with a significant discount available!

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